My mom is an excellent cook.  She has made some badass meals and has spent a lifetime trying new things that we would eat when we were poor as dirt and richer than ever.  Everyone has that memory of a meal their mom makes and it’s dear to their hearts.  But none of those matter to me.  The ONE thing I ever want my mom to make for me is her roasted pecans.  Now I know some of you are screaming at your screens, “BUT CHRISTEL YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO PECANS!!!!!”

Simmer down.  Yes, I know.  Let’s call it more of a sensitivity.  I won’t fall over dead if it eat them, I just get uncomfortable.  But comfort be damned when it comes to these pecans.  Now as far as I know it’s a very basic recipe that may have even been in a kitschy cookbook or on the back of a bag of pecans in the 70’s or something.  But the way she makes them is The Best.  I ask for them for my birthday and Christmas and Easter and Flag Day and International Dust Bunny Day.  I want them always.  I’m sure I could make them, but as we all know, when our mom makes us our special favorite thing… it’s heaps better.

I got some in the mail yesterday.  She sent snacky treat bags to all of us.  EXCEPT ONLY I GOT PECANS.  My mother singled me out.  She loves my family terribly, but only sent pecans to me.  I got cranberry almond bark and Chex mix, just like they did… but no one else got her pecans.

I texted her one word.  “P E C A N S!”

I got back, “yummies for my girl.”

pecans (2)

There will be a day when I can’t ask her for pecans.  I will only have the image of her roasting pecans on a busted ass cookie sheet that she’s used for centuries.  It’s warped and pops in the oven when it gets to a certain temperature and you can hear the pecans rattle.  I will have to try to recreate them from a 9 year old’s memory.  I’ll forget that one seasoning or use too much butter, but one day I’ll get it right.  Sure, I could ask her for the recipe, but she doesn’t know it.  She feels it.

I guess the point of this was to say: pay attention to the traditions.  Watch the little things your loved ones do just for you.  Know that those memories are priceless and cherish the moments.

Merry Christelmas.


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