Doodlebug and i were driving in to school this morning and talking about the kid that she sees in the nurse’s office when she’s using her inhaler.  i asked if he had an inhaler as well.  she said that when he was there he was stabbing his finger.

i said, “oh he has diabetes.”

she said, “he checks the levels.  and its always 100.”

i said, “that’s a great level to be.  you know Lady has diabetes too.  you should tell him that your grandmother has it too”

she said, “well he sometimes speaks spanish and sometimes speaks english”

i said, “that can make it difficult to communicate.”

she said, “i know how to say some things in spanish… i can say HOLA!  and ARRIBA!  and ABAJO!”

i said, “WOW those are awesome things to know how to say.  do you know how to say ‘my name is Riley’ in spanish?”


“No, but i know how to say MY NAME IS DORA!”

i choked laughing so hard and almost drove off the road.

well played, Dora… well played.


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