i’ve spent 9 years of my life as a barista.  not all in a row, but i can account for 9 whole american years, slingin’ coffee.

in those 9 years, i have poured thousands of cups of coffee, made froofie fancy pants lattes and frozen mochas.  i have been smug and i have been a rockstar.  i have had regulars and wafflebutts and even come up with a specialty drink (or coffee blend) or 11.  in all those years, you learn people.  you learn what they like and how they like it and the one day you have it waiting for them and they didn’t even have to say anything is magical.  they look at you and realize that not only do they spend too much time and money in your establishment, but they also realize that someone pays attention to them.  they aren’t just an extra hot skinny raspberry half-caff latte, but they are now, THE extra hot, skinny, raspberry half-caff latte.  and it’s awesome when it happens.

out of those 9 years, i was a regular in that i was the one MAKING the coffee.

but today…. TODAY… i became a regular.

when i walked into the Target behind my store, i breezed past the coffee place inside, but still made eye contact with the one barista that knows me by sight and drink, but not by name.  i went and picked up some items and considered a stop for coffee.  when i made up my mind to go over, and waited in line, my coffee was there waiting for me.  already ready already.

“i …  but i didn’t order… how did you know…”  YIPPEE!!!!!!

it was, as i expected…. AWESOME.

i’m a regular!


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