in Amarillo, there is no “traffic”.  when i lived there, it was a welcome relief from the idiots people who live in South Carolina, who don’t know what a red light, a turn signal,  or a speed limit are.  when i moved back to Austin 6 years ago, i was reminded what “traffic” is.  and according to a study done recently, Austin has ranked within the top 5 worst cities for traffic.


that being said, when i let people know that i was going to work at a store in Austin, everyone was concerned about my drive.

“are you moving?”

“isnt that far from your house?”

“what about the traffic?”

“wont that take forever to get there?”

and i realized 6 years ago, when i was back in “traffic” that i was in traffic at HOME.  not in south carolina.  not in amarillo. home.  and i decided that i was thankful for being home and that was what mattered most.


so the moral of the story is this:

i’d rather be stuck in crappy traffic in Austin, than stuck in a shitty marriage in Amarillo.


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