dear doodlebug,

today is your Kindergarten graduation and i am missing it.  i had to be at work.  and i really wanted to be there for you.  because of work i have missed field trips and class parties and baseball games.  and i am sorry.

i even told your DaDa this morning,  “i get all of the tough stuff and none of the reward.”

to which he said, “no you don’t” and nodded for me to turn around.

and there you were.  with wildflowers you picked from our yard, in your little hand.  holding them out to me.

and i cried.

i DO get the rewards.

i was there (and cried) when you started Kindergarten and i picked you up from your first day of school and we made your hand-print.  i was there when you read your first sentence all by yourself.  i was there when you lost your first tooth.  i was there when you counted all the way to a hundred.  i was there for your first book fair.  (i look forward to you asking me for money for many years to come!) and i was there for science fair and class awards ceremonies.

you reward me every day.  i am so in love with you and in love with having you in my life.  you grow too fast and learn too much.  you DO listen to what i say and i hear your love for me in the things you say and the way you look at me at night if the hug to kiss ratio isn’t even.

thank you BabyCakes.  i wasn’t there today for your graduation, but i WILL be there for your entire life.

you are Amazing, Awesome and Wonderful.  and i love you.

~your christel


4 thoughts on “kinder

  1. Moms beat themselves up over missing those moments, but you ARE at the graduation–she knows your love is with her everywhere she goes. Thank you for sharing a beautiful post…and yes, you made me cry too!

  2. Everyday is a reward is right, for both of you. Youre doing an amazing job and we’re ALL very very VERRRY fortunate to have you as such an integral part of our daily lives. Kiddo knows everyday how much you want to be there and the sacrifices you have to make. Continue being the wonderful mother, role model, and woman you are so she too can become as fantastic of a person.

  3. On the day that Andy moved to Austin, I come home and read THIS! I thought I had cried all my warm and fuzzy momma tears as I watched Andy drive away to start a new phase of his life. Then I get all teary again because you are right, Big Blue – cherish every second of your life as a mom because as time moves on for your children, those memories (of even the smallest things) will be the part of them that remains with you always.

    Heck, I can’t even see through the warm and fuzzy momma tears to write anymore –

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