no.  not a ghost from Pac-Man. 

i mean ink like a tattoo.  i am ITCHING for a new one.  neat choice of words regarding tattos, no?

i have decided i want my owl.  and since i already have “aithne” tattooed on the back of my neck which is gaelic for “knowledge” and is a derivitive of Athena, i have decided on an Athene Noctua owl.

isn’t he GORGEOUS????

i also have decided that i want a tattoo of  a slice of cake.  no for real.  i know it’s FAT KID… but it means a bunch to me.  listen to Kiddo say “i like caaaaake” one time and you will understand.  a buddy at work is going to design my cake one.  i’m thrilled!

i like CAKE!


6 thoughts on “inky

  1. I really like the owl, I think its neat, but where are you going to put it. I just don’t know where it would go and not look bizarre.

  2. I heard the I like cake line and it slayed me! It is definitely a connection thing she has with you and is very proud of it

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