love on the rocks

i need a new iPod.  mine is 3 years old and i keep it in my car.  therefore it has gone through the rigors of texas weather for those 3 years.  now it won’t hold a charge unless plugged into the transmitter.  the button hardly works and they don’t even SELL the model i have.

the other night when i was looking into new iPods, WIO said, “i bet you could weed through the 14 gigs of music you have and make some space and then a 16 gig nano would suit you just fine”. 

i said, “NUH-UH… i listen to ALL of the songs on here!”  and then i looked at the songs that had NO play time.  yeah, i’m sure i could make some room. 

so my NEW game is this.  hit “shuffle” and then don’t touch it.  i HAVE to listen to each song that plays and cannot skip.  which seems like a fun thing to do, until you find that you downloaded “Love on the Rocks” by Neil Diamond.  welcome to the 80’s.  they called and want their crappy song back. 

i’m trying to see what stays and what goes.  i have a feeling that WIO might be right and i COULD clean it up a bit.  do i honestly need 6 versions of Oh Holy Night?  and when is the next time i will have a desire to listen to ABBA?  unless i’m trying to win the GAYEST MIX TAPE EVER contest, i don’t think i will. 

hey Steve, just go ahead and make me a 30 gig  purple nano, wouldja? 


6 thoughts on “love on the rocks

  1. Did you know that Neil Diamond concert goers “arm-sway” throughout the entire thing? And they get ugly if you don’t. . . I know I’ve been to one.

  2. here’s something that will totally give me away as a child of the “hair band 80’s”……’cause when you said ‘love on the rocks,’ i automatically thought of the version by POISON! from the “open up and say AHHHHHH” album. yeah, i know….you don’t even have to say it. =)

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