Octo Mom

and i don’t mean that swollen lipped monstrosity of a woman who had a litter of babies.

i mean the Mom whose birthday is in OCTOber.  ya know… myveryownpersonal Mother. YAY!

this post is for the woman who gave birth to me.  the woman who went hungry so HER kids could eat.  the woman who scraped and pinched so that my brother and i could have a life not knowing that she scraped and pinched.  the woman who is loved by so many and doesn’t even know it.  the woman whose smile lights up a room.  the woman who is the reason for my obsessive nature.  the woman who painted my tights while they were on my legs to make me Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween one year and my legs were green for a week.  the woman who loves with abandon and has a heart as big as the moon.

Ama, happiest of Birthdays.  see you in 2 weeks.  i love you.

p.s. y’all should email her and wish her happy birthday too!


8 thoughts on “Octo Mom

  1. From Mom: Sweet girl – you’ve made me cry 2 times this week, first with the ‘here’s what I want when I’m dead” one (that I haven’t even finished yet because it got me so upset) and then this one.  I love you, always, even when your legs were green!

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