we have listed our Cubs/Pirates tix on craiglist and ebay

if you are in Chicago on September 30th, then go buy them. 


here is the sad story:

We drove 16 hours from Austin, Texas to Chicago, Illinois on August 16th. We rode the EL to the stadium and stood like awestruck fans that we were AT Wrigley. We walked inside and ordered up 2 Old Styles and tried not to look like tourists and non-locals. We found our amazing seats and went to sit down to FINALLY watch a Cubs game AT Wrigley. We sat in the rain for 3 and half hours HOPING that the boys would take the field. Despite hoping and crying into our beers and praying to the Rain Gods to let the boys play, they announced that the game had been cancelled.
Sadly we gathered up our belongings and trudged out of the stadium.

Today, you can take advantage of our sad tale of woe. We aren’t able to make the trip BACK to Chi Town to catch the make-up game. We are offering to you our tickets. Our Amazing Seats. Our Summer Trip Adventure Seats. Please make sure you have an Old Style or two for us while you enjoy the game. Section 127 Row 11 Seats 7 and 8

Paypal payments only. since we aren’t IN Chicago. We will email the tickets to you.




GO BUY THEM NOW.  Momma needs nail polish money. 



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