so a couple of weeks ago, i kinda had a small fender bender.  it was my first day back after the Labor Day vacation.  it was raining.  it was traffic-y.  i had gotten a text message but chose NOT to look at it and then WHAMMO!  smacked right into the back of a Ford Expedition.  my coffee went flying into my windshield and my head snapped forward and back.  i was going MAYBE 20 miles an hour.  but with the rain and the size of the ford, it was a good impact. 

we both got out and surveyed the damage.  not a scratch on the ford.  but Gita looked like this:

the lady asked if i wanted to call the police.  she looked a little terrified.  i asked if she was ok and we both looked back at the school traffic starting to pile up behind us.  she chose NOT to call the police.  (i assume either she was an illegal, or had no insurance) and she drove away.  i called WIO and told him what happened.  he told me to find somewhere to park the car since the airbag COULD conceivably still “deploy” (what a weird word).

i found somewhere to park about a mile away and got out of Gita and surveyed the damage again.  and i wanted to cry.  but i was a big brave girl.  i didn’t.  Gita was doing enough of that on her own.  evidently i had loosened a ground wire and she was making some very interesting noises.  it was like she had turned into Herbie.  so i stood in the rain and waited for WIO. 

thankfully i was still close enough to the house that it didnt take him long to get there.  he offered to drive back to the house so i hopped in the truck where a sleepy-eyed Kiddo asked, “when it’s raining do you have to drive DaDa’s truck?”   “Yes baby, i do.”  

we drove slowly back to the house and i got online with Progressive to see what the process was to file a claim.  i was pleased that i could fill out the claim online.  within 30 minutes a guy called to finish processing my claim.  i was still too shaken to form complete sentences so WIO did most of the talking.  i was told that i could pick up my rental from the concierge center and that they would come get Gita and tow her to the shop.  once they assessed the damage, they would fix her, take her BACK to the claims center and make sure it was all done right and then i would take the rental BACK and drive Gita home.  thank YOU Flo

that was about 2 weeks ago.  i have driven a crappy little Nissan Sentra for those weeks and HOPEFULLY i get Gita back today.  i have missed my little Waterbug.


3 thoughts on “Waterbug

  1. The resort hasnt been the same since the Saucy1 has not in the driveway. Cant wait for you to get your car back, and i odubt she’ll be ashamed that she had some “work” done. I mean, it was just a little face lift and tuck

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