WIO ROAD TRIP…. (of doooooooooooooooom)

we leave tomorrow.  like as in the day after today.  as in “holy shit i don’t have anything packed cause we’re leaving TOMORROW”, tomorrow. 

(insert high-pitched squeal here)


and i’m already worn out.  wanna see the itinerary?

Saturday after work  (could be 5:45 could be 2:00) we drive to Chicago.  yes.  right after work, we are DRIVING to Chicago.  and we hope to be there by 1pm on Sunday cause we are going to the Cubs/Pirates game.  and i’ll admit, even though it IS the Cubbies, i am excited to go to Wrigley.  (don’t tell WIO)  since it’s a day game we are gonna goof of in Chi Town and stay the night there. 

Monday we are driving 3 hours to Madison, Wisconsin to hang out with WIO’s aunts and uncles.  i realized the other day that i moved in with a man that my mother hasn’t even met yet and i am going to WISCONSIN to meet Aunts and Uncles!  i’m stoked!

Tuesday early morning we are driving 6 hours to Indianapolis for Number’s Summit (could end up just being Number’s Gathering if we cant get #4’s ass there.) that night we are going to the Jason Mraz concert because as some of you know, the Numbers “LOVE that Skinny White Boy”.  there will be much drinking and laughing and WIO has to do some sucking up.  remember that part about moving in with a boy myveryownpersonal mother hasn’t met, this also applies to meeting the Numbers.  i hope i get to keep him.  also i hope that Allie doesn’t take him home.  i’m very concerned that she will try to. 

Thursday we are gonna drive the hour and a half to Cincinnati!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  and go see a game against the San Fran Giants.  (yes, TWO baseball games!!!!!)  we are gonna schlep around Cincy Friday as well, maybe go to the … LOLA CLOSE YOUR EYES….

aquarium.  and White Castle… OH THE WHITE CASTLE…. i am giddy about the Castle.  i am hoping to make the drive home as unbreathable as possible!  hehehehehehehe

Saturday we will start the trek back home.  we MAY pop though St. Louis and catch a Cards game.  INSANE TO THINK THAT WE MAY SEE 3 GAMES IN 3 MAJOR BALLPARKS IN ONE WEEK!!!!!  ok stop, i may pee if i think about it too much.  and we are certainly are gonna try to see my momma and daddy when we pass thru Dallas cause OH YEAH MOM AND DAD WILL HAVE MOVED BACK TO TEXAS!!!!!!  i didn’t tell y’all about that?  probably because i was afraid to jinx it.  i didn’t want to say ANYTHING until i knew she was packed up in the car with 2 dogs and a carton of smokes.  AND GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!  SHE IS! 

so we hope to be home by Sunday. 

see.  now YOU are worn out too.  i can’t freaking wait.


4 thoughts on “WIO ROAD TRIP…. (of doooooooooooooooom)

  1. PHEW! yadda yadda this that, squeel and i feel the same as above…..hahahaha…IM KIDDING!! i literally want to leave NOW, and now, road trip, and GO, get the HELL out of town, jungle the keys and im already outside ready to GO! Cant wait to meet all of you who will be along the way and the adventures we all create together!

  2. Good luck with the Trip! I’ll be out in California at Blizzcon during all that, but man I hope you get to see the Cards.

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