you’re my boy, Blue

most of you know that i don’t eat blue MnMs.  i don’t eat them because they aren’t natural.  i didn’t grow UP eating them, i wont eat them now.  they are interlopers invading my bag of chocolaty treats.  i maneuver around them and even go so far to remove them entirely and give them their own quarantined area.  many a friend or family member have messed with me by eating all BUT the blue MnMs in order to keep me away from the wandering fingers that will grab them by the handful and SHOVE them into my mouth before you can say “melt in your mouth”. 


that being said, imagine MY surprise to read THIS article. 

New research has shown that the dye in blue M&Ms is freakishly good at mending spinal injuries.

even the title is all smug with their claims… “Blue M&Ms Are the Next Superfood

so i guess my aversion will save lives.  who are they going to come to when they need an abundance of blue ones?  THIS GIRL.  see… having OCD is a good thing sometimes. 

you’re welcome.


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