holy crap has it really been almost a month since my last blog?  did i forget that i had one?

here’s a quick and dirty list of all the stuff that has gone on. 

  • i FINALLY moved in with WIO and Kiddo
  • Ang and i got tattoos
  • i have changed sides at the store for a change of scenery and i am loving it!
  • Ang and i went to Arlington for a mini baseball trip-lette
  • WIO and i drove to the coast for seafood and ended up with fried catfish (WTF?)
  • i’m hoping to go to the Counting Crows concert in August (i’m looking at YOU, WIO)
  • still trying to work out the kinks of our Northern Road Trip
  • ANOTHER mini baseball trip-lette planned for late september
  • continuing the hunt for the box that has my make-up in it.  who KNOWS where WIO put it!

i know this was a lame post.  i will make one with more deets soon, i promise.  it’s just been busy around these parts.


4 thoughts on “updates

  1. And you forgot to mention that your mommie is moving back to Texas – what’s with that! That’s right she will be 150 miles away, not 900. And you can visit her (and she you) by just hopping in the car and driving for 2 or 3 hours instead of having to book airline tickets a month ahead…and and and

  2. maybe your box of makeup is next to the box with my flatware? maybe they’ve become fast friends and have decided they don’t need us anymore?

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