driving home last night, we saw a turtle on the side of the road.  i looked at WIO and said, “let’s go back and get it!”  he said, “NO.”  i then said, “let’s GET a turtle!!!!”  again, he said, “NO!” 

after much pleading and cajoling and begging about wanting a “TURT TURT*” it was fruitless.  even when the conversation turned to turtle names.  i attempted to appeal to his MALE side and said, “WE CAN NAME HIM NINJA!!!!!” 


“heh… NO. ”


he even had the audacity to say, “give ME the $20 you’d spend on a turtle, i’ll go ahead and throw it away for you”

so he has no real reason to give me on why i cant have a turtle.  now i move to Plan B. 

it’s my Ninja Turtle Petition.  i would like ALL of you to email him at and let him know why i should have a turtle. 




*baby Zachary called turtles, Turt Turts and it stuck


6 thoughts on “COWABUNGA, DUDE!

  1. THANK YOU BETH! No turtles….the livestock ranch has enough residents right now and there is NO need for a Turtle. It is developing beyond the Resort to the “Center for impulse pets”. Soon, it will be more expensive to feed the animals than the family. I appreciate all the kind petitions and have been very entertained this morning. My alternative offer is to have each of YOU get a turtle, keep it at YOUR home and allow Christel to visit and play with the turtle as much as she would like….it may even encourage visits on a more frequent basis

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