(an IM from this morning)

shane: OMG.

shane: I just got a spam entitled: “mamma needs some new nailpolish”


christel: OMG.  no way

shane: YES!

shane: I even opened the damned thing

shane: I thought you had gotten some wierd new email address /facepalm


christel: Shane, thats funny

shane: That’s hysterical actually.

christel: thats real damn funny

shane: I was like…WTF? NOT CHRISTEL?

shane: And then I thought…maybe Christel’s nail polish addiction had gotten so bad that she turned to spamming to make extra money to afford more nail polish

christel: Shane, i’m blogging this. just so you know.

christel: its too good.

shane: <Laugh> I now wish I hadn’t deleted it




i guess this means that i need a 12 Step Program for my addiction?  i even bought 2 new ones yesterday at lunch.  my goal is 300 by Jan 1st.  is that bad?


3 thoughts on “transcripted

  1. You have a GOAL?

    I’m not sure 12 step is vigorous enough for you. I’m calling A&E right now. INTERVENTION!

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