i don’t have much on my plate.  i mean sure, i have my own personal crap like i need a closet cleaned out, but nothing major or earth shattering.  i think the universe does that so when my people need me, i have room. 

the Numbers are notorious for carrying each others burdens.  things that are too much for us to deal with, we will “give” to another Number that CAN handle it.  for example, Allie was carrying my “cheating husband” and i have her “i’ll never get married” stuffed in a box in a closet somewhere.  i think Lola has something of mine wedged under her bed, while i have “pray i don’t have to have surgery that wouldn’t be covered by my OWN hair” in the trunk of my car.  i haven’t carried anything from Tasty or M’ary in a while… i think because once you give it away, the Universe takes care of it.  i am a firm believer that if you continue to exert all of your energy into a negative thing, you keep bringing in negative things.  call it The Secret, call it The Law of Attraction, i call it Being A Hull since it was my Mom and Aunt who helped instill that in me.   

so sure, i’m a little stressed about a closet and a shed, but those are fixable things.  easy peasy.  gimme a weekend and a Cute Boy Who Lifts Heavy Things and i’ll have it taken care of. 

but i digress.  the universe has given me a big plate.  and a LOT of space.  and i am thankful and lucky enough to have friends who not only trust me, but trust me with their stuff. 

love your faces,



13 thoughts on “platters

  1. from my mom: Glad your plate is not heaping – glad life is good – glad you appreciate what you’ve learned – glad you are still learning – glad you have friends who can carry your burdens when they are too much for you – glad you are my daughter

  2. my plate has room for you too, and it’s a comfort to know that, even when i don’t need it, your plate has room for me =) loving you and your face!

  3. thanks sister.

    and i’ve moved the gonna never marry as a bad thing – to just a thing. it’s not to be for me – but that doesn’t mean i won’t still be happy. just seems that it’s not going to be with todd.

    but then again, neither one of us are dead – there’s still time for some version of happily ever after.

  4. Ladies Ladies….im SOOO sorry for the confusion. I was purusing the christel pistol blog spot and decided to leave a comment. Unfortunatly Christel sometimes uses my computer, and for some reason she DIDNT LOG OUT PROPERLY (amateur). When i went in to make a comment, it was as if SHE was the one actually making the comment, and not ME. She certainly carries WAY more than i do. :-). Im only around for the muscle and entertainment. My apolgies to all surrounding the confusion of the improper post. I know my duties, and must execute them now by lofting her around the house because of my mistake. Taking her to the shower should be an adventure.

  5. OK, WIO, you have been receiving some seriously good home training. Only Dave, my dh, who has received upwards of 11 years of good home training, could have done better with the above apology. This means you get a free pass from my List of Men Who Very Likely Require Killin’. Which is growing longer and longer by the minute, unfortunately.

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