El Duderino, if you aren’t into the whole brevity thing…

last week WIO posted a status update on his Facebook that he was trading two puppies for a goat.   when i read it, i said, “NO seriously.  let’s get a goat.  a mini goat… Rob and Big had Mini Horse.  LET’S GET A GOOOOOOAT!”

so we joked about it to each other.  and to our friends.  and i even looked on line at pygmy goats.  and they had some Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale on the Craigslist.  hell, i’d even named the mini goat Oomfufu already. 

and then i got, “we’ll see” when i mentioned the goat again.

and then Sunday came.  and he and Kiddo went out to a friend’s birthday party and it just so happened that friend lives out in the country and has goats.  and llamas and and and, but HE HAS GOATS!  that was all the sign i needed.  i got pictures of goats all day and FINALLY he succumbed to my whining about getting a goat.  (it was the “you wont LET me have a doooogggg…. let me have a gooooat” that sealed the deal.)  he paid his buddy $50 and we have a goat. 

he sent me the picture of our goat and i said, “hes brown and white, like a White Russian.  let’s call him Lebowski.”  since he’s half Spanish and half Boer goat, we decided on Senor Lebowski. 

isn’t he PRECIOUS????

Kiddo and Lebowski (which she kinda says as Wazowski… MIKE WAZOWSKI!)

yeah.  we have a goat.


9 thoughts on “El Duderino, if you aren’t into the whole brevity thing…

  1. Alliepants….

    i didn’t get a pygmy one. i KNOW that’s your thing. this one will get to be OVER 50 pounds. and anyway i got him hoping it would entice you to come visit me in Texas. DOI.

  2. I’m just honored to be a part of this communication. Goats are a wonderful part of life, and those non-believers should pet one!

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