may i take this time to express my hatred for my hormones?  and i guess not mine specifically, but the joys that come with being a woman.  oh, one second, let me go gather my eyeballs off the floor.  they rolled right out of my head. 

granted i am not the type of woman who is a psycho hose beast every month.  i have been blessed with only transforming into THAT woman every three months.  but the beast unleashes her fury with a hatchet in hand and a biting remark that leaves a bright shiny gash in your face.  the beast craves salt some months, and others Hershey’s doesn’t make enough chocolate to keep the beast happy. 

but this time around… its weepy.  how can you take a monster seriously when she cries all the time?  because the baseball players got dirt on their unis.  because the homeless guy’s sign reads: THIS COULD BE YOU.  because i ran out of conditioner.  because the smoke monster on Lost killed yet ANOTHER bad guy.  it’s the dumbest stuff.  but consider yourself warned if i FUH-LIP out over something tiny and insignificant. 

wow.  i think i may have overshared.  sorry y’all.  i’m gonna go cry about it now.


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